Personalised Alcohol Gifts with Fingerprint Engraved Pewter Labels

Alcohol Gifts with Engraved Finger, Hand and Footprints and Personalised Message

Why not present friends, family and colleagues with bottle gifts that they will absolutely love? Our Personalised Alcohol Gifts with Engraved Fingerprint Pewter Labels are ideal as gifts for new born babies and their parents, they are also perfect as Christening gifts, 1st birthday presents and birthday gift ideas. The collection of alcohol gifts includes personalised champagne, wine, vodka, whisky, LBV port, ruby port, special reserve port and sambuca all with an exclusive pewter label that can be engraved with a personalised message and printed with your choice of hand, finger or footprint.

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All alcohol gifts above include the 75cl bottle, a custom message AND one hand, foot or fingerprint. If you require more than one print per item, simply purchase an additional ink print kit and we shall add two prints on to your chosen gift.

How Does It Work?
1. Simply choose the bottle gift that you think would be suitable for your intended gift recipient and click on it.
2. On the next page, add the text in the text box provided.
2. Choose your quantity.
3. Add your delivery address and complete your purchasing by making your payment.
4. Once your order comes through to us, we will send a no mess, inkless print kit to your chosen delivery address.
5. Once the recipient receives the inkless print kit, please make as many of the SAME prints as possible on the sheet that you have received as part of the kit (instructions on how to use the kit will be included.) 6. Once you have made as many of the same prints as possible on the sheet, please send the sheet back to us in the prepaid envelope. If you lose the prepaid envelope, you can find our address on our terms and conditions page. 7. Once we receive your completed print sheet back, we shall set to work on making your pewter label with your message and the best print from your sheet, or sheets. We will use the best print from those that you have made, and lay the text (if required) out as best as we can on your chosen bottle gift to give you the best effect. The text will be written in black text, similar to that text in the images pictured.

So, as you can see it is a fairly simple process to order Personalised Alcohol Gifts with Engraved Fingerprint Pewter Labels

If you are interested in seeing more personalised fingerprint gifts, apart from our collection of alcohol gifts with fingerprint engraved pewter labels, check out our complete range of Personalised Fingerprint Gifts to buy online with free UK delivery.

Delivery Time Frames
Placing your order to receiving the kit: 2 to 5 working days (all being well with the Royal Mail)
Us receiving your kit back to the completed item being delivered to you: 2-7 working days.
If you require speedier delivery, this can be arranged for a small surcharge. Please contact us by telephone to obtain a special code to add to your order, so that we can expedite delivery for you.