Personalised Childrens Song CDs

Personalised Songs for Children

Three personalised CDs with songs for children suitable for babies from the age of one to children of the age of seven. The collection includes a personalised birthday CD with two songs, a personalised bedtime songs CD with 5 songs, as well as a Christmas songs CD with four songs. Children really enjoy hearing their names in songs and for this reason, put ANY name into our songs for educational gifts for babies and kids, which will appear both onto the cover and within the songs.

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Personalised CDs for Children

As mentioned above, there are currently three CDs available, which make fantastic gifts for birthday, Christmas and as just because Gifts for Kids throughout the year. These personalised CDs are suitable for babies from the age of one year old to children through to the age of seven. The three CDs include the Happy Birthday Name CD, Bedtime Songs for Name CD and Christmas Songs for Name CD.

Our Bedtime CD is designed to help establish and maintain your child's bedtime routine. It contains 4 original songs along with spoken word to help your child prepare for bed and settle for sleep. The songs are about getting ready for bed, having a bath, cleaning teeth and going to sleep. The CD ends with a soothing instrumental lullaby. It is suitable for children between the ages of one and six. The Bedtime CD runs for around 20 minutes during which time your child will hear their name over 30 times.

The Personalised Birthday CD is a gift kids will enjoy year after year! The CD has two original songs and an extended party mix as well, which is perfect for birthday party games. Both songs feature the child's name. This personalised songs CD is suitable for children aged one to seven.

Personalised Christmas Songs CD
The personalised Christmas CD is made up of well known songs with updated lyrics to make them more appealing to children. For example, you will find that The 12 Days of Christmas becomes The 12 Rules of Christmas describing what children must do to ensure that Santa visits! You will also find Jingle Bells and Silent Night on this CD.

All of our personalised childrens song CDs come with free delivery in the UK when you buy online. Give as educational gifts for children from the ages of one to seven. They are useful gift ideas and perfect to keep for years.