Champagne Gift Sets

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Champagne Gift Sets

The Champagne region of France has been bringing us it’s spectacular sparkling wine for centuries. It has been consumed by royals and public figures from Queen Victoria to James Bond.

While it may have begun with royals and aristocrats, it became popular with the emerging middle class in the 17th-19th Centuries. Today it is accessible to anyone, yet still, it retains its sense of luxury and elegance. It is a symbol of celebration and sociability. This is what makes it an amazing gift regardless of the reason.

With our unique champagne gift sets, we’ll provide everything you need for a stunning present. With customisable bottles and glasses available, it is sure to be long remembered. Choose by occasion, such as landmark birthdays or weddings, or choose by brand of champagne. Whether you prefer Louis Roederer or Bollinger, Moet or Mumm, we can cater to you. Included with pine, stylish elm, or silky presentation boxes to complete the package. The Dom Perignon even comes in a treasure chest!

For something extraordinary, how about a Magnum bottle? Bigger bottle means more to share, right?

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