Valentine's Day Gifts

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Why do we give gifts on Valentine's Day?

For centuries, it has been a tradition to show our affection to loved ones on February 14th. The legend of St. Valentine has always been full of mystery, with up to three separate martyrs in ancient Roman times that are recognised as the figure that inspired the celebration. Whichever story you believe, they all symbolise romance. Throughout time there have been exchanges of greetings and tokens of affection, leading up to the 17th century, when the holiday was first properly celebrated. Today, we send cards and presents as a show of our love. Whether it’s for him or her, everyone should show how special their loved ones are on this important day of the year.

Should I get her/him a Valentine's gift?

You should show how much your loved one means to you every day of the year but for one day only, why not make them feel special and go the extra mile? Whether or not you normally make an effort, there is always a great significance in buying or receiving a Valentine’s Day gift. It is a time to be sentimental and create a memory that will last for years to come.

What is the best Valentine's gift?

Gifts that put a smile on a loved one’s face, make them feel special and create a memory, are the best ones to buy a loved one. Memories that will last through time are the most precious and valuable, and the importance of celebrating being together and being happy. A great way of doing this is with a bottle of engraved champagne. Afterwards, it will keep as an ornament and represent the bond you have as a couple. Ultimately, the best present is one you don’t have to return!

What to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day?

Something unique and personal would stand out and put a smile on your boyfriend’s or husband’s face on Valentine’s Day, such as a personalised pocket watch or bracelet. These are also perfect, lasting memories, wherever he goes. Other cool ideas include football and Jack Daniel’s gifts.

What to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day?

An ideal present for girlfriends or wives would be something sentimental that will be a lasting memento in the home, such as an engraved photo frame with a special message. Maybe treating her to a personalised bottle of Prosecco, wine or champagne, is the perfect gift. With many different labels to choose from, it is a caring, unique present to buy.

How much should I spend on a Valentine's Day gift?

Depending on how long you have been together, you might feel like spending different amounts. At the beginning of a relationship, you might want to spend a smaller amount on a sentimental, small token of your affection for one another, however, once you have been together for a long period of time, you might want to spend a little extra and make it a bigger present. There are unusual but thoughtful personalised gifts for any budget.

What to write in a Valentine’s card?

When writing a message in a Valentine’s card, it is best to think about who you are writing to. Sometimes, a funny poem or text is better but other times, it could get you in trouble! A nice, caring message or poem, long or short, showing your support and affection, is normally enough.

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