Personalised Pens Pencils And Holders

Personalised Pens & Pencils

Schoolwork requires a lot of equipment. Pens, pencils, rulers, and coloured pencils are just some of the items needed to get through the lessons’ activities. With our personalised stationery, prepare for the school day in style.

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Cool Pencil Cases & Holders for Kids

There are personalised pencils, pens and holders for boys and girls, featuring many eye-catching colours and designs. A set of 12 standard HB pencils in blue, red, or pink, with a loved one’s name printed on each one, to ensure they always have one with their name on. Complete with a presentation box matching the colour of the pencil, they can stand out even more. For girls, there is the cure unicorn image with their name in a rainbow cloud, or next to a small love heart. For boys, there is a cool dinosaur with the choice of including their name in the name of a new dinosaur!

For fans of Newcastle United, there is the personalised team pencil case. Featuring the Newcastle badge on a soft black and white pouch, it is a great companion for the school day. With their name printed in blue in the centre, it is a unique and personal gift. For Chelsea fans, there is the ultimate school stationery set. This features many useful items such as an eraser, pencil sharpener, and numerous pens and pencils, all in a soft pouch pencil case.

Other soft cases include the sky blue superhero, race car and football designs, or the elegant initial and name prints. In black; there is the quirky abstract, hot air balloon or under the sea designs and the pink ones include flowers, butterflies and unicorns.

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