3 Reasons Watches are still valued in a Digital Age

3 Reasons Watches are still valued in a Digital Age

If you ask someone the time, then a digital screen is never far away.

Therefore, you would be forgiven for assuming that the mechanical wrist watch had its day, replaced first by digital and then smartwatches.

Yet, the demand for watches continues to grow so we thought we would look at the reasons why people are not abandoning their mechanical watch for a digital screen.

Personalised Mechanical Wrist Watch Roman NumeralsStyle

What you wear on your wrist is no longer a tool to tell time, but a statement of style.

Watches can cost anything from a few pounds all the way to tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds dependent on the reputation of the brand and the rarity of the model.

Nothing beats the classical look of a mechanical watch, which is why watches are still a key part of any modern look.

Personalised Wrist Watch Inside Out DesignConvenience

When it comes to convenience the wrist watch is still king.

If you keep your phone in your pocket it can be a pain to keep fishing it out to tell the time, particularly if you are worried about a dwindling battery meter.

Yes other digital screens may tell the time, but having your own watch means that no matter where you are, the time is always readily to hand (literally).

Wooden Personalised Photo Wrist WatchPersonal Meaning

What you wear on your wrist says a lot about you, it is a great way to personalise even the most draconian of uniform or dress policies.

An engraved or personalised watch can give your watch additional meaning and allow you to treasured memories with you wherever you go.

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