5 Ways Pets Can Make Our Lives Better


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In 2017, it is estimated that 12 million (that’s around 44%) of UK households have pets with the pet population currently standing at around 54 million. With 24% of households owning dogs and 17% of households owning cats, it’s no surprise that our beloved pets play a massive part of our lives.

According to statistics, 79% of UK pet owners claim that their pets make them feel happier, and with 90% of UK pet owners considering their pets as ‘part of the family’, pet owners are in turn spending an average of £472.20 a year on keeping their pets happy and healthy. So not only do we play a big part in their lives, but they play an even more important part in our lives. Pets have the potential to affect our lives on a day to day basis and in a many ways.

Here is 5 ways how pets can and do improve our lives;


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1. Pets can improve our social lives

For some people owning a pet brings the benefit of being able to meet and interact with other people particularly others who are pet lovers or owners. Pets can be real icebreakers – having and sharing interests in our furry friends also allows us to broaden our social circles from attending dog training classes, community dog meet ups, or just a casual walk in the park. Not only does this benefit your social life, but it will benefit theirs too – taking them to gatherings means they can learn to interact with others too.

2. Pets can improve your health

Owning a pet can bring great benefits to your health. Apparently petting your cat or dog can have a calming effect on your body, releasing powerful happy chemicals which bring on feelings of joy and contentment. It is proven that pets can actually reduce your stress levels as we are generally more relaxed in the presence of our furry friends and in turn that brings down our blood pressure levels = less visits to the doctor!

3. Pets make us more active

Along with the benefits of dog ownership, comes the responsibilities of the daily walk routine. Dog owners walk on average 300 minutes a week, while people who don’t own dogs walk just 168 minutes a week. With our dogs needing to be walked anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours every day, it is the perfect excuse to get more active and improve your physical health. 

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4. Pets can improve your wellbeing

The companionship that your pet offers is a proven way of reducing your anxiety. Pets can be a great source of company when you are feeling low or lonely. Owning a pet enforces the need for routine in your day to day life as pets provide social, and provide a sense of purpose. For that reason, pet animals are also used for therapeutic reasons in hospitals and nursing homes where the benefits are increasingly being recognised.

5. Pets can reduce your negativity

They say a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself – and they’re probably right. Your pets have the amazing ability to see beyond your bad days and negative ways and will never pass judgement on you, no matter how bad you may look that day. They make us feel needed – because who else is going to feed them their dinner and pet them constantly! Pet owners report higher levels of self-esteem as well as a greater sense of belonging and a more meaningful existence than people who do not own pets.

So there we have it, there are so many facts that prove our pets really do make us happier and make our lives better. They are always there at the end of the day to make us laugh, to make us smile and to pester us for food and attention – but you wouldn’t change them for the world!

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