Beer Gifts for Father’s Day With Some Tips, Tricks and Facts

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Father’s Day is an event for all dads around the world to get excited about…. and it’s nearly upon us! If your dad is a lover of a good beer, then what better way to celebrate the special day than with a cold and refreshing beer. 

Beer has such a rich and fascinating history and has become a staple in many cultures around the world. Ranging from rich stouts to light lagers, there is something for every unique taste preference.  

So here’s the question…’What do you get the dad who loves beer’? … Well Beer Gifts, obviously. 

Whether he is a home brewer, a social drinker with friends or he simply just likes to unwind on a summer’s day with a cold one; we have you sorted! We have created  the perfect gift guide to cover all the best beer related gifts for Father’s Day. 

You’ve got personalised engraved pint glasses, Peroni style and tankard glasses, as well as beer making kits! You’ll be sure to find some inspiration here with us…so, crack open a cold one and join us as we explore the fascinating world of beer and all the amazing gifts it has to offer for Father’s Day.  

Gift Suggestions For Dad

  1. Personalised Beer Glasses: For any type of beer, an engraved pint glass, tankard or Peroni glass is the perfect gift for him. Make this a truly bespoke gift by personalising this glassware with a special message just for him. There are some beautiful personalisation options out there, but we recommend going for an engraved beer glass as it really will stand out as a wonderful sentimental gift. 
  2. Beer Cooler: Make sure his favourite beverage stays cool this summer, with a portable cooler for his treasured favourite. Nobody enjoys drinking a warm beer so consider this gift this year and make sure he never has a warm beer while he is out and about again. This is ideal for trips out to the beach, picnics and day trips too. 
  3. Coasters: Beer stains on any countertop are not good at all especially when they probably drive your mum crazy! Help your dad out with a simple gift this Father’s Day! He’s more likely to use the coasters if they are a personalised gift from his loved one! Stop his beers slipping across the table, and most importantly prevent him ruining the new coffee table. Why not consider getting a personalised set of coasters – they could be quite a humorous gift!  
  4. Bottle Opener: A reliable bottle opener is a must have for any beer lover like your dad. You could think about different variations of these, from wall mounted ones to a handheld one. Whichever one takes your fancy; try to get it engraved with a sentimental message or unique quote to make it really personal to your dad.
  5. Beer Snacks and Nibbles: Gift something delicious and as a perfect accompaniment to your dad’s favourite beer. For example, cheese, crisps, nuts, beef jerky or pork scratchings. Why not consider making him a little gift set full of his favourite snacks and a six pack of his favourite beer.  This is a great ide aif you are looking for a more budget friendly gift idea. 
  6. Beer Themed Clothing: Discover something witty and humorous this Father’s Day, like a new cap or T-shirt with a funny message or image on it! You could once again make this gift more bespoke to him with a personalised message from you, like an inside joke only for you both to understand and enjoy, or a sentence he might say religiously. If he’s got a favourite beer brand, then why not get him a licensed t-shirt especially if he likes a slogan or print on his clothes. 
  7. Beer Festival Tickets: This is a great experience that you could both do together and it’s an opportunity for him to try new beers. Why not surprise him with tickets to a beer festival of your choice? The perfect day out which includes sampling a wide variety of different beers and most importantly spending quality time with his friends and family. 
  8. Wall Art: Does your dad have a treasured room in the house like an office or man cave? Then why not think about getting him a piece of beer themed art to liven the place up a bit. Whether you decide to go for a sculpture, painting or a poster, we’re sure he’ll love it especially if it’s themed around his favourite beer brand. 
  9. Subscription Box: Similar to a festival, this is a great chance for your dad to try something out of his comfort zone or new types of beer. If he’s looking for a new favourite or just wants to expand his beer-based knowledge, then a beer subscription box is the perfect gift for him. He’ll receive an assortment of beers delivered directly to his door once per month. 
  10. Beer Brewing Books: If your dad is into reading as well as drinking, then help him do both with a book on brewing beer. A book like this will include recipes, facts and figures and include a history of beer. It’s a great chance for him to learn a new skill and take up a unique hobby. He’ll be able to dazzle you all with his home brews in no time! 

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Beer Related Gadgets and Accessories

  • Beer Chiller Stick: Simply freeze this metal stick with the freezable liquid inside and stick it into your beer and keep it chilled for ages! 
  • Beer Dispensing System: This system allows you to pour beer straight from the tap at home just like you would get at any bar. Consider getting this for the ULTIMATE beer drinking experience (but it is pricey, so make sure you have the right budget.)
  • Bottle Opener Keyring: Find one that reflects your dad’s personality with so many options to choose from! Help him take his beer experience with him with a portable bottle opener keyring!
  • Beer Pong Table: With plenty of different styles and designs to choose from you can find the perfect table for him! If your dad loves beer and playing games then this is the perfect gift for him. 
  • A Beer Helmet: Perfect for parties or festivals, this hat allows you to attach a can of beer either side and attach a tube to hang down so that you are able to drink the beer from the helmet through a tube!

A Brief History Of Beer

The earliest evidence of beer dates back thousands of years, and goes back to ancient civilizations in Egypt, where it was brewed for religious and medical purposes.

In medieval Europe, beer was often much safer to drink than water (the water was often contaminated and led to illness). Monks were the first to discover aging beer in wooden barrels and they became skilled brewers in monasteries. 

Large scale breweries were introduced during the industrial revolution, where beer production became more efficient and mechanised. This allowed beer to become more affordable to the masses and allowed beer to become more widely accessible.

Today, there are countless varieties of beer, from light lagers to rich stouts, and beer culture is celebrated around the world. Many people enjoy brewing their own beer at home, and craft breweries have become increasingly popular in recent years.


In this short article, our aim was to give you some insights and facts about beer as well as inspire you to find some gifts you could get your dad for fathers day. It’s not far away now, and we understand it is easy to become worried that you won’t find him the right thing. We all know how much time and effort our dads put into us, so the best way to repay him is on fathers day, that day of the year solely designated to him! Whatever you decide to get him this year, he will be sure to appreciate it, and never forget there is nothing in the world he could enjoy getting more than the love of his family!

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