Celebrate International Coffee Day with a new recipe

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Celebrating International Coffee Day

The morning commute, or a cosy catch up with friends would usually, never be without a coffee, but as a new normal has taken over, venturing out to enjoy life’s little moments feels like a lifetime ago.

The “new normal” has meant working from home for many, and our old, familiar routines have been left in the balance. Now, there are many things we miss about our old ways of living, but could a cup of our favourite coffee be the one thing we are missing the most?  

To find out how many of us were missing a “proper” cup of coffee, here at GiftsOnline4U we surveyed 1,000 UK adults to see how many of us purchased a coffee machine since this March. 

And the results are in: We are a nation of coffee lovers! The survey found that since lockdown measures were implemented in March, over 3 million of us have purchased coffee machines to bring that “proper” cup of coffee home with us! 

How to celebrate International Coffee Day


Of course, the best way to celebrate International Coffee Day is with a delicious cup of coffee! But if you’re looking for something a little different, then why not try our delicious coffee cake in a mug recipe.

This simple, 3 step recipe is a perfect pick me up for those afternoons spent working from home!


You will need:

A coffee mug and spoon.

2 tsp of Coffee

2 tbsp  of sugar

3 tbsp of milk 

4 tbsp of flour

¼ tbs of baking powder

3 tbsp of oil 


This video will guide you step by step through the recipe in under 2 minutes!



  1. Add your coffee and milk to your coffee cup and stir until the coffee dissolves.
  2. Add your sugar, baking powder, flour and oil and give it a good stir until you have a smooth consistency.
  3. Then, pop your cup of ingredients into the microwave for about 1 minute, this could differ depending on your microwave.

Take your cake out of the microwave and enjoy! 

Here at GiftsOnline4U we have a great selection of personalised coffee gifts.  For days spent at home, we have cute coffee mugs or if you’re on the move, we also have reusable personalised, bamboo coffee cups

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Google Consumer Survey questioned 1000 UK adults between 25th and 27th of September. 

UK adults 51,000 * 0.0719 (7.19% said yes) = 3,666,900. Over 3 million of UK adults bought a coffee machine since COVID measures were put in place. 

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