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Giving gifts to your fellow employees, clients (or prospects) is on the rise both in  terms of popularity and sheer quantity.

Today we’re going to be looking at some of the reasons why this is, and which gifts might be best most appropriate to mark a specific occasion (or a particular person) – should you find yourself in the position of giving a gift of course!

We’ll also be discussing why gifts shouldn’t just be given out on special occasions, but rather as regular rewards or at more regular intervals…and crucially, how to ensure that you an avoid awkward run-ins with unwanted gifts!

Think of the gift giving process as something comparable to what is now referred to as a ‘drip campaign’ within a brands’ marketing efforts – you wouldn’t put all your eggs in one basket (or campaign) in the hope that enough would you?

Personalised gifts can be used as a regular reminder of your companies existence (to a prospect), or to extend a pre-existing relationship from fading with a client – in both cases this leads to an especially memorable experience if you do it correctly.

This blog post will delve into some of the things that you should keep in mind when purchasing personalised gifts, such as not going overboard, considering a persons’ culture or religion and how to really dazzle…

Branded Champagne

There are many different types of people that love a good glass of champagne (or champers’ as some people refer to it as) when celebrating, including us

But a personalised bottle, to commemorate that extra special goal/reason to be celebrating can cement it in the minds of those celebrating even more so.

As a corporate gift, try sending it to a client celebrating a milestone, or to a prospect that you’d really love to work with, as a gesture, a personalised gift can make all the difference (if it’s done in good taste of course).

This occasion could be them having been a customer for many years, or maybe it’s simply an employee of yours who’s just secured a promotion – either way, as a corporate gift, this product can go a long way to making the right impression on someone – so long as it’s an appropriate gift for that person! 

Please ensure that the person you’re sending this gift too is of a legal age AND that a gift of this nature does not contradict their religious beliefs!

All of our personalised champagne gifts come with the option of free UK delivery when ordered on line.

Jack Daniels Gifts –

So not all of us may be fans of champagne, but for those of us who aren’t (but still drink alcohol), it’s quite likely that a good-old-fashioned Whisky would do the trick!

A Jack Daniels Gift Set can come in to play perfectly here…
Nothing quite makes an impression on a potential client quite like a bottle of personalised fine Whisky.

To Top these gift sets off, we also offer them with the option of having a personalised glass (engraved) with the bottle, or even a personalised miniature guitar-case – so that they can truly look the part!

Please ensure that the person you’re sending this gift too is of a legal age, and that a gift of this nature does not contradict with their religious beliefs!

Watches –

Nearly all of us have smartphones these days that tell us the time, but nothing quite beats the class and sophistication of wearing a beautifully presented personalised watch.

It’s for that reason that buying a watch as a corporate gift for a client (or even an employee) should never be overlooked as a viable option.

As with any gift, you should look for something of quality and sustainability that will keep them happy for years to come (and not something cheap and cheerful that will break in a matter of days).

The quality of the gift you provide will very much be engraved (pun intended) in their minds. 

We offer a wide range of quality watches including personalised men’s, women’s and pocket-watches to suit every occasion (and every person).

Nobody will be offended by a personalised watch gift – unless it’s bought out of sarcasm for his or her lack of time-keeping skills!

Wine & champagne Boxes

Everyone who drinks alcohol, both those in offices (and in houses) keep boxes or cupboards designated to store their alcohol in.

Having a personalised box that fit’s with the personality of the person you’re buying it for can be a brilliant reminder gift that is re-used over and over again.

If you do some research about the intended gift receiver to know what sort of box they would really enjoy having in the home or office then this gift can really become a memorable piece to keep their morale high!


We provide wooden gift boxes, silver bottle boxes, black gift boxes (as well as many other modern and traditional style wine gift boxes) in order to cater for the many different type of personalities out there.          

Pens –

Today’s world revolves more and more around computers and technologies, however, when it comes down to it we still have use pens from time to time.

Signing contracts (or other important paperwork), looks much better around a prospect, client or even an employee when you’re using your own branded pen!

On top of this, especially if you’re something like a design company, nothing can impress a client more than giving them a pen with their own branding on it as a thank-you for helping promote their business (and yours) at the same time. 

Giving an employee a branded pen with their name on it will make them feel more welcome and part of your team.

Sustainability with all things like pens is proven to increase when there is a more compelling reason to hold onto a specific pen, i.e it has your name on it, or a company logo (etc). The perceived value of this pen becomes much higher to the individual, and therefore, it get’s taken care of more.

Wine –

As much as some of us are champagne lovers, even more of us LOVE a good old fashioned bottle of wine!

Our gift sets of wine can sometimes include multiple bottles, along with personalised glasses and even some complimentary sweets.

Having all of this bundled up into one neat package can really can be a hit, should you want to give a wine gift to an employee for their hard work, or even to a client or a potential prospect!

Wine & Champagne Gift sets –

As we’ve already mentioned already, as a country, the UK are huge lovers of wine.

Be it red, white or even rose.

Some are fans of the rarer and more unique styles of wine such as those that might have been imported directly from an Italian vineyard, and some will drink any wine you put in front of them!

Rather than going down to your local shop and getting a regular bottle of wine that anyone could have bought you from anywhere, why not go that extra mile and invest in a nice bottle of personalised wine to try and impress that potential client, or reward that extra-hard-working employee?

Giving a single bottle of personalised wine or a single bottle of personalised champagne to someone as a gift is great, but do you know what an even better corporate gift is?

A mixture of both; this way you can account for an array of different tastes and preferences and the person that you’re gifting it to will feel extra special that you have gone through the trouble of buying both champagne and wine in a gift set with a personalised glass included! 

You’ll be both spoiling them for choice as well as putting on a good impression of your brand to them.

Points for Consideration;

There are few things that you should keep in mind when buying a gift for one of your clients, employee’s or prospects and these include:

  • Check that you’re spending within your means and staying within your corporate policy and not spending too much.
  • If you’re buying for a client from overseas (or even those here in the UK) you’ll undoubtedly want to consider any cultural or religious differences, for example, if they are from a Muslim country, you might want to avoid buying anything related to alcohol as typically this is not consumed (or welcomed) by Muslims, and in some countries, it is in-fact prohibited.
  • Make sure that your gift is of high-quality, after all, the quality of the gift is also representing the quality of yourself as a business. Ensuring that the gift is of the highest quality will ensure that you make the best impression possible to the client, employee or prospect!
  • If it’s not too inconvenient for you, you should hand-deliver the gift to the recipient yourself. A client will almost certainly appreciate the thought behind going out of your way to deliver the gift by hand, a prospect may be a bit shocked by it and your employee will thank you for the personal touch.

As much as you might want to make the right impression to a potential (or existing client), and we have said that you want to ensure that the product is of high quality, so you also don’t want to go overboard and be spending excessive amounts of money – as this can have two downsides.

Firstly, they could be thinking that you’re simply trying to buy their custom.

Secondly, they might dislike that they feel indebted to you, which is exactly the opposite of feeling you want them thinking.

Although this may have been done accidentally, it’s still going to have the same result, so try to really consider the personality of the person that you’re buying a gift for (before making the purchase).

Conclusion –

Hopefully, now you’ve learnt a little bit about the importance of buying gifts either for clients or your fellow employees, and you’ll have taken some note of some of the best gift ideas that we have to offer.

We also specialise in a wide range of others gifts, so feel free to check-out our entire product range as we are confident that we have a gift that is perfect for everyone.

We go that one step further in helping you to personalise your gift give it that extra impression upon it’s receiver!

All of our gifts come with free standard UK delivery and if you order before 1pm, it will be delivered on the very next day!

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