ebook: An easy way to explain the Coronavirus to children

boy hand washing coronavirus

GiftsOnline4U is a family run business. Asgar Dungarwalla, our founder is a man who prides himself on putting his family first and taking good care of them.

When the Coronavirus pandemic hit and schools closed, he wanted to make it easier on parents in the only way that he knew how; finding a way to make them smile and in turn helping to make their children smile too.

Asgar said that just before the schools closed, he was “trying to explain exactly this to my 3-year old nephew. This proved to be a big challenge and so I came up with a simple story to help him understand using his toy bear. I turned the Coronavirus pandemic into a game of ‘hide & seek’ – with the Coronavirus’s sole aim to be to find my nephew and make him sick and inadvertently make everyone he loves sick in the process.”

So, we took this idea and came with an ebook that shows this in a fun way and to make it more relatable, we’ve incorporated personalisation to help the child understand how it could affect them and their family too.

The ebook can be downloaded for free and can be read on your phone, tablet or laptop.

Our aim is for parents to use this as a reference to help children to understand why they cannot go outside. We hope that it will keep them occupied for a while and also that it will be educational too.

Here is the link for you to download your copy: Why Can’t I Go To School

We are going to be releasing a number of ebooks on the current topic of the Coronavirus which will all be free to download – they will include a range of stories and activities for children to do as well. We want to help make this testing time as easy as possible for parents and anything that we can do to help to keep their children occupied, safe and protected is the most important thing to us.

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