eBook: What Can I Do Whilst I’m Not at School

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eBook: What Can I Do Whilst I’m Not at School

Use this link to download this personalised ebook: What Can I Do Whilst I’m Not at School

We are now into week two of the government imposed lockdown here in the UK. While this is the new normal, it is going to be tough to keep children from desperately wanting to go outside and also from them wanting to see their friends and other family members.

With this ebook, we’ve tried to keep it simple and give children the ability to understand that there is lots that they can do while indoors to keep occupied and have fun.

We’ve also included a short quiz at the end to help children identify ‘where’ the Coronavirus might be and why they should wash their hands after any activity.

We hope that this ebook is a fun read for children and helps parents as well.

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Our next ebook will be released next week!

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