Beer Gifts

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Engraved Beer Glasses & Gift Sets

Beer has been brewed worldwide for longer than recorded history. It’s been used in religious ceremonies, for medicinal purposes, and even as an alternative to unsafe drinking water.

Here in the UK we have strong brewing traditions and have produced a wide range of beers. The British Army received daily rations of the amber liquid, our Royal Navy even delivering to those abroad. This is how ingrained it has become in our culture. No pub is complete without that malty scent.

But many of us now drink at home, and we usually have a favourite glass. How about we give a loved one their favourite glass? Whether they prefer a pint or a tankard, find a design to suit. There’s even one that holds 1.5 litres! Each can be engraved with your own message. You can also opt to send a bottle with the glass to make a gift set ready to use.

Wonderful presents for the lads of a wedding party, something special for Dad, or a graduation gift. We have classy monograms and family crests for the gentleman of our lives. Aircraft lover or just a lover in general, make your message heard every time they fancy a bottle.

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