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Personalised Gifts for the Maid of Honour

The maid of honour plays a vital role in a wedding celebration. From being in charge of the bridesmaids to helping with the running of the day, there are a lot of responsibilities for her to manage. Give a sign of appreciation for her hard work with our personalised gifts for the maid of honour.


Personalised Maid Of Honour Gifts

Traditionally, the bride chooses her closest friend to be the maid of honour. They play an instrumental role in preparing the bride for the big day and ensuring the day runs as smoothly as possible. They are the leader of the bridesmaids, ensuring everyone knows what they need to do on the day. They also help the bride prepare, whether it is deciding on dresses, to helping set up the venue.

There are many ideal gift ideas for the maid of honour, whether it is an engraved glass or a personalised bottle of her favourite drink. A mini Moet gift set is a great way of showing appreciation for their hard work. A unique, personal present that includes a mini bottle of Moet champagne and a personalised glass, in a presentation box, is sure to make her smile.

A letterbox gift is a small, sentimental way of saying thank you and making someone feel special. From ones containing chocolate or sweets, to the “Hug in a Box”, featuring tea, biscuits, wax melts and more, they are a great way of helping her relax after the big day.

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