Personalised Tools

Personalised Tools

Having a toolbox filled with the right tools and gadgets for recurring indoor and outdoor projects can save hours. Filling the box with engraved tools will save you even more hours! Especially as the name or initials will avoid them being pinched and going missing forever.

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Engraved Tools

Some people love getting their teeth into little projects. On the other hand, others absolutely hate any form of DIY with a passion. Either way, sometimes those pesky jobs just need completing. Having the right tools does make the process much quicker. We can help with our incredible selection of personalised tools.

Our handy implements, such as our laser tape measure or screwdriver printed with a printed name may help that special someone get a shelf up more speedily or those photo frames that have been hanging around for ages hung up too.

Everyone needs a tape measure. Whether it’s to measure the length and width of a new lawn or to check how much space you have for a new cooker. Customise this handy tool with their name and ‘can fix it’ to give them a motivating push in the right direction (of the garden or kitchen)!

If treating yourself is on your to-do list, then ticking it off will be easier with own pen! We have lost count of the number of times biros and pencils disappear in our offices.

Let us fix your gift-giving problems with one of our useful tool gifts.

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