Personalised Brandy

Personalised Brandy

We all know someone partial to a glass of French brandy. So what better gift than a personalised brandy bottle? Any occasion can be a special occasion. Whether they suit a monogram, engraved message, or a handmade pewter label, look no further. You’re on the right page.

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Brandy Gifts

Brandy, short for brandywine, is distilled wine. It was created to transport larger quantities of wine by adding water at the other end. Someone obviously forgot to add the water. The process and time spent in wooden barrels uniquely flavoured the liquid and gave it the rich amber colouring we expect today. And now, as our hand warms the glass, its rich aroma and deep taste has become a part of our culture.

Brandy is particularly associated with Christmas. Its versatility makes it great for cooking. It’s often found in Christmas cake and pudding, brandy butter and even mulled wine. It’s also used in some meat sauces. And that’s before we look at the cocktail menu! Sidecar and brandy snaps, anyone?

Choose from our spectacular brandy gifts for an easy, unique present. Get a personalised monogrammed label for a touch of class. Have your message engraved onto the bottle. Or enjoy the luxury of a handmade pewter label. Whatever your loved one’s style, these bottles can be cherished and can carry your warm sentiments for years to come.

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