Personalised Vodka

Personalised Vodka

Vodka is a popular choice amongst drinkers of all ages. Whether drunk neat or with a mixer, it makes a great evening tipple. So why not treat family and friends to a personalised bottle created just for them? Vodka Martinis are on you!

“There’s no absolutes in life, only vodka.” – Mick Jagger

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Vodka Gifts

Vodka started out as a medicinal tincture in Russia and Poland, understandably. By the end of the 18 th century vodkas produced by nobility and clergy were becoming mass-produced. If you believe the legend, the first Russian vodka recipe was written by a monk around 1430. Though it took until the 1860s to become the country’s drink of choice.

Vodka’s smoothness and lack of distinctive flavour makes it ideal for adding to most drinks. This makes it a wonderful ingredient for cocktails. For example, the kick of a Bloody Mary or the sweet tang of a Blue Lagoon. But it’s used in cooking too, the most notable being Vodka sauce. It can also be substituted for water in baking to make flakier pastry.

Here we can offer a number of personalised vodka gifts. Personalise a bottle with a specially printed label, or an ornate, engraved pewter label. Add your own message or even a photo. Or have your sentiments engraved onto one of our range of glasses. Absolute gift set also available with a customised tumbler. Take the effort out with our optional gift wrapping/boxes, we’ll even deliver it directly to them!

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