Champagne Flutes

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Personalised Champagne Flutes

There is no better way to enjoy a bottle of champagne than from a beautiful glass. While many types of glassware have been used over the eras, the champagne flute has risen to popularity. So here we offer a carefully chosen selection to suit your every need.

Engraved Champagne Glasses

Watching champagne bubbles dance their way to the surface is a mesmerising sight. The delicate aroma rising from a freshly poured glass entices our senses. It’s not just a drink, it’s a sensory experience. And it can vary more than you’d think dependant on drinking vessel.

While champagne flutes were developed in the 1700s, their rise to popularity began in the 1950s. The argument is that less surface area where the liquid meets the air enhances taste and aroma. It also stops it fizzing too quickly, so more bubbles to tickle your tongue. While this is still debated by connoisseurs, there’s little doubt that flutes are now the most desired glassware.

The stem of the glass can be plain or ornate. Maybe a touch of gold to add some class or elegant butterflies. Or how about an expression of love? But probably the best decoration is the custom engraving we offer upon the bowl. Not a fan of glass? Then have a look at the pewter goblets.

Whatever the occasion, we can add personalisation to suit. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Christmas or Valentine’s Day. What about their star sign instead, or their honourable family crest? Or just a heartfelt message.

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