Personalised Chocolate

Personalised Chocolate Gifts

Nearly everyone loves chocolate. Whether it’s well-known brands such as Cadburys, Nestle and Lindt, or local chocolatiers with their own special recipe, it can be enjoyed in many ways. With our personalised chocolate gifts, give a personal touch to their enjoyment.

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Customised Chocolate Bars for Him & Her

There is a personalised chocolate present for him and her on any occasion, whether it is for Christmas, birthdays or even a birthday party invite. The personalised Willy Wonka Golden Ticket is a great way of inviting someone to a party. A bar of milk chocolate wrapped in a gold wrapper, which can be personalised to be anyone’s golden ticket and with a message on the back.

For an easy gift that can be delivered through someone’s door, there is the personalised chocolate letterbox gift. Containing a carefully selected package with a message such as happy birthday, a massive hug, and best mum, dad, or auntie. Other smaller chocolate gifts include our selection of 100g bars with a unique label and our luxury prosecco and chocolate hamper. From tool kits to Christmas greetings, there is something for everyone.

For the ultimate chocolate present, there is our range of customised Cadburys gifts. For Dairy Milk lovers, there are our huge 360g or 850g bars. Each with a Merry Christmas message and a loved one’s name to make someone feel very festive. For someone who likes more variety, there is the personalised selection box. Featuring many favourites such as Wispa, Twirl and Caramel, to share with everyone or keep to themselves! For an extraordinary, eye-catching gift, there is the Cadbury Heroes Chocolate Bouquet. Decorated with the iconic mini chocolates, such as Dinky Deckers and Crème Egg Twisted, in a bouquet design. A brilliant alternative would be the Build Your Own Christmas Tree. An interactive activity for younger members of the family, the folding cardboard tree, decorated with Heroes, is sure to bring a festive cheer.

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