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Looking for inspiration? Here’s our guide to the most popular personalised prezzies

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Trying to find the perfect gift for someone can be quite stressful. How many times have you had a present in mind for someone, but worried that they might already have it, or that it isn’t quite special enough for the occasion?

We agonise over getting presents just right – but now, many people have discovered personalisation can transform their gift-giving; elevating a traditional present into something unique and special. Here at GiftsOnline4U, we’ve taken a look at what over 13,600 of our existing customers purchased to find out which personalised prezzies are the most popular!

Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or new baby, graduation or new home, personalised gifts can help you find the words you want to say on a lasting keepsake for your loved one – and it’s perhaps no surprise that we’re most likely to give a personalised gift for 18th and 21st birthdays.

Personalisation – It’s simply a matter of time

Our number one personalised gift to give is a watch. Whilst the traditional method of engraving the back of the watch is still the most popular way to deliver your message to a friend or loved one, many people now opt to personalise the watch face itself; you can even have your favourite photograph as the watch face – offering a gift that’s special and totally unique to you. As well as traditional wristwatches, engraved pocket watches are becoming popular for those special occasions – and make a great gift for a groom or best man!

Crack open the fizz!

You simply can’t celebrate a milestone birthday without a glass of fizz in your hand, so little wonder that champagne is our second favourite personalised gift to give, with famous champagne houses such as Moët & Chandon, Bollinger and Dom Perignon topping the list of our favourite tastes.

With a personalised champagne bottle, you can add your own loving message or words of wisdom, so whether you choose a beautifully engraved wooden champagne box or have your words etched onto the bottle itself, your personalised message will last long after the celebratory fizz has been quaffed.

Whisky comes third on our list of the top gifts to personalise. The classic tumbler is a timeless glass, designed for filling with ice and a decent glug of whisky of your choice – and it’s one of the most popular items to get engraved with your design or message. So whether your Dad enjoys a dram or your sister likes a snifter, getting your message engraved onto a whisky tumbler or bottle will give your present that unique and lasting touch that whisky connoisseurs will love.

And if your taste veers more towards wine than whisky, there are personalised options for you too, including boxes that fit two wine bottles (double the fun)! All in all, alcohol gifts are by far and away the most popular presents to personalise – it’s a great way to elevate a nice but safe gift into something much more thoughtful.

Pink Wine

Football crazy

For lovers of the beautiful game, there is no end of personalised presents that you can find for the football fan in your life – but it seems that different clubs around the country have very different tastes…

There’s a bit of a north-south split when it comes to what footie fans prefer to drink their beer from. In the northern half of the UK, fans of Liverpool, Glasgow Rangers, Manchester United and Newcastle are most likely to choose a personalised pint glass, whereas further south Chelsea and Arsenal fans are keener on a lager glass in a gift box.

West Ham fans buck the boozy trend altogether – the most popular option amongst Hammers fans is a personalised mug– well, you can’t beat a good cuppa, can you?

And if you have little football fans in your life, why not get them started early? Spurs fans do – the most popular personalised gift if you support Tottenham is a baby sleepsuit!

There are all sorts of other popular items that we’re choosing to personalise, from engraved tape measures and screwdrivers for the DIY enthusiasts to customised lipstick holders to have a personalised pout!

Being able to add your own personal message to a gift really makes it that extra bit special for your friend or loved one. We love helping customers to find their perfect personalised present, so if you’re looking for that special something, get in touch with us at GiftsOnline4U!

We talked all about the most popular presents, so let’s have a look at how long it would take you to spot one lovely wrapped gift in this brainteaser we created to test your eyes!

This puzzle is featuring an ‘ocean’ of colourful bows – but can you spot the wrapped present that is hiding there?

The fastest in the team at GiftsOnline4U HQ spotted it in 11 seconds, can you beat them?


Can’t see it? Focus on the lower left side of the image.

Still nothing? Then let’s scroll down – there is a reveal version.

Puzzle Reveal

How long did it take you? Be honest!

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