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Personalised Jeroboam Champagne

Champagne is wonderful, a Magnum champagne is extraordinary, but a Jeroboam champagne is in a league of its own. Three litres of bubbly is truly indulgent. Especially when you can customise and personalise the label. Surely this is close to the ultimate gift!

“Too much of anything is bad, but too much champagne is just right.” – Mark Twain

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Champagne, the most revered of wines. Centuries of history, but England’s love affair with the sparkling wine began in 1670. Charles II became partial to the golden nectar. Countless royals, aristocrats and public figures have documented their love of it. Marilyn Monroe even famously took a bath in it. Though it did take 350 regular bottles!

Its ever-increasing popularity has made champagne the social drink. Most special occasions will offer guests a glass. A romantic night is enhanced by sharing a bottle of bubbly. This makes it the perfect gift for the one you love with our customisable heart label.

Or how about a wedding or anniversary gift for a happy couple with the Mr. and Mrs. option. Perhaps it’s a special birthday, we have a label for that too. With three litres of premier cru and personalisation, it’s a guaranteed winner. Just don’t try learning sabrage with them!

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