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Whisky is a popular dark, distilled spirit. It’s woody flavour and warming tingle draws many
of us in. Straight or on the rocks, with a mixer or slipped into coffee, it’s incredibly versatile.
So what to get that special whisky-drinker? A personalised gift set, of course!

“Whisky is liquid sunshine.” – George Bernard Shaw


Engraved Whisky Glasses, Bottles & Gift Sets

The word whisky comes from the Gaelic ‘uisce beathe’ meaning water of life. Originally being used as a medicine, it didn’t take long until we were drinking it for enjoyment. The English Malt Tax of 1725 shut down most Scottish distilleries and production was forced underground. These illegal homemade stills operated at night while darkness hid the smoke produced. This gave whisky the nickname of ‘moonshine’.

But long gone are those day of hiding illegal whisky bottles in altars and coffins. Now we can enjoy guilt-free! Our favourite brands have become household names, such as Jack Daniel’s, Isle of Jura, and Jonnie Walker. We have something to suit everyone. From sweet honey to a fiery kick, mini to magnum. Our custom engraving can be done on bottles and whisky glasses alike.

Choose a custom label or engraving option. Whether it’s Father’s Day or Christmas, a present for members of a wedding party, or the man you love, you’ll find the perfect style. Complete your personalised whisky gift with a box or bag. What about a wooden gift tag to hang about the neck? An accompanying hip flask can add distinction for the gentlemen and ladies in our lives. Perfect.

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