Personalised Men's Watches

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Personalised Men’s Watches

Pocket watches and wristwatches have been popular gifts for over a century. Timeless timepieces are a beautiful way to show your love to a special gentleman in your life. Especially when engraved with something personal and meaningful. Whether they like traditional or modern, there’s something in our range to suit.

“Jewellery isn’t really my thing, but I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches.” – Clive Owen


Men's Personalised Wrist Watches

The first pocket watch was invented in the early 1500s. Expensive and with only an hour hand they were reserved for the elite. It wasn’t until 1680 that minute hands were added so they were more practical. In 1868 a pocket watch had a strap added to become the first wristwatch.

These miniature clocks grew in popularity after 1876 when cheaper materials and industrialised manufacture drove down cost. Pocket watches were preferred until after WWI, when there was a mass introduction of wristwatches to soldiers.

Now, while wristwatches remain the most used, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of the older form. Whichever you prefer, timepieces remain a symbol of status. Our personalised watches can have photos, engraved word or even the family crest or monogram to make them especially memorable.

Give Dad a surprise, or offer beautiful timepieces to the wedding party. Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas or graduation, these make the perfect gifts. Each comes with a presentation box and free UK delivery.

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