Personalised Notebooks

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Personalised Notebooks

Do you, or someone you know, like to keep organised? Creating lists for shopping or schedules for daily and work life. Keeping notes for studying or schoolwork. Updating a personal journal or diary. There are so many reasons why a notebook is useful and can be the perfect gift for any occasion or recipient.

Customised Journal Gift Sets for Him & Her

Do you know a football fan who would appreciate a personalised journal with a design based around their favourite football team? Discover a world of footballing journals and accessories including a faux-leather Liverpool journal with a personalised message on the front as well as a black ballpoint pen, the perfect gift for any fan. There are also journals styled for kids, including a Chelsea stationery set which includes a custom pencil case, a ruler, eraser, pencil sharpener, two pencils and twelve coloured pencils along with the A4 journal, guaranteed to make any young fan smile.

Show your appreciation for your child’s teacher with a special, personalised notebook of your choosing. There are multiple different designs for this purpose such as a Thank You Teacher notebook with a rainbow design and another with a floral design. Sometimes the best gift is one with the environment in mind, so why not show your appreciation with a Thank You Teacher eco-friendly notebook made from cork or another made from recycled materials with the purpose of helping to protect the environment.

You may also want to get your child a gift for their first day of school, like a personalised memory notebook, that enables you to customise it by putting the name of their school as well as the date of their first day on the front. A practical and useful gift that your child may cherish throughout their first year. A simple but unique custom gift idea for your child may also include a range of journals with floral and ornate designs that feature a custom initial and the recipient’s name on the front.

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