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On the rocks or with a splash of cola, JD is a popular whisky choice. So why not treat a friend or loved one to a personalised Jack Daniels gift set? Bring the party to any occasion with a uniquely engraved bottle or Jack Daniel’s glass.

“I like to see the glass as half full, hopefully of Jack Daniels.” – Darynda Jones

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Personalised Jack Daniels Gift Sets

Registered in 1866, Jack Daniels is the oldest distillery in the US. Made with limestone cave spring water dripped through hard sugar maple charcoal and aged in charred oak barrels, it is a uniquely flavoured whisky.

Jack, or Jasper Newton Daniel, learned distilling from Nathan ‘Nearest’ Green on Reverend Dan Call’s farm. When Call was forced to choose between making whisky and his ministerial work, he sold the business to Jack. Nearest stayed with him, and a member of the Green family has always worked there since.

JD became an American icon synonymous with Rock and Roll and then infiltrated the growing Punk scene. It also became implanted in barbecue culture and is now the host of the annual world championships.

The signature Old No. 7 has won 7 gold medals! In recent years they have branched out into new styles and flavours. We offer Single Barrel, Gentleman Jack, Fire, Honey and Apple alongside the much-loved original.

Browse our Jack Daniels gifts to find the perfect present. Personalised glass and bottle sets containing your own words, or even your family crest. Magnum bottles, mini bottles, regular bottles in a guitar case. Hip flasks and cuff links. Everything you need for a JD lover.

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