We Support WaterHarvest

WaterHarvest is our chosen charity and one that is very close to our hearts, we are proud to be working with them and supporting their amazing efforts in India.

WaterHarvest is a UK not for profit charity.

In a nutshell, they harvest rainwater to provide clean, year round drinking water, to regenerate land and to enable livelihoods in remote rural communities. They see water availability as the precondition for development in rural communities. They put it quite simply to us… Water = Education, Water = Life. If you’re not worrying about where you’re going to get your water from, then it opens up so many opportunities and offers hope for something more.

To help them we are donating the profits from a selected range of products. It’s that simple. For every one of these gifts that you purchase, you are helping to support clean, year round drinking water for people who really need it.

We’re focused on helping WaterHarvest with their clean drinking water projects. Our collective donations will be going to the Taanka project.

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