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Personalised Silver Anniversary Presents

Celebrating 25 years of marriage, or a quarter of a century is often referred to as a silver anniversary. This is a huge milestone to celebrate, so give your loved one, or ones, something which they can enjoy in style. A personalised gift can make for a poignant reminder of their big day, 25 years ago.

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25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The celebration of wedding anniversaries dates all the way back to the middle ages. In history, after 25 years of marriage, the husband would give the wife a silver wreath to mark the special occasion. Silver was originally chosen due to its symbolic meaning of radiance, brilliance and the value of a long-lasting marriage.

For couples who prefer to mark the occasion with a little bit of bubbly, we have a variety of alcohol-related gifts on offer. Our fantastic Bollinger with engraved personalised champagne flutes means that you can add a special touch to your gift, like a note stating ‘Happy Anniversary’, or even add ‘For husband & wife’. For red wine drinkers, maybe for parents, our engraved Chateauneuf Du Pape wine is smooth and can be guaranteed to be enjoyed with a home-cooked dinner.

To celebrate this sentimental occasion, why not opt for a more unusual gift? As it is a silver anniversary, choose something which represents that perfectly, like our personalised silver pocket watch with a monogrammed dial. The watch dial itself is engraved with the initials of the recipients and a message can also be engraved on the rear. The perfect symbol of how quickly 25 years has flown by as a happy couple.

Photo gifts are a great route to go down if you want to feel like you are sharing some of the happy 25 years with the couple. Sticking with the silver theme, our personalised silver and black photo frame will take them right back to their initial wedding day, so many years ago.

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