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Black Friday

It’s Black Friday 2016! We at GiftsOnLine4u hoped to understand what Black Friday was all about. Well not surprisingly like Halloween it’s another American import. It’s been around apparently since the 1930’s and is traditionally considered the first official Christmas Shopping day. It’s a Friday because it is always the day after the fourth Thursday in the month of November (Thanksgiving Day).

Now surely the first official shopping day of Christmas should be called something less gloomy, don’t you think? So why is it black and not white, or pink or red or something more joyous in keeping with the sentiments of the season? Apparently, it has something to do with the origin of the event causing chaos in one of the cities of the USA. Our research indicates that it might have been Philadelphia but can we really be sure about that? It is black because that’s how it was reported in the media of the day.

So it seems we in the UK, as the special friendship with our cousins across the pond calls for, have welcomed this American invention with the usual enthusiasm it deserves. What better way to kick off black Friday online shopping AKA, the first official shopping day of Christmas then by shopping for the unique and the bespoke. What could be more unique or more bespoke or more special than personalised gifts or engraved gifts? Well we at GiftsOnLine4u believe that any gift that’s given with your sentiments and heartfelt wishes of love and best wishes cannot be talked about enough and since it is a time for those who mean so much to us, the opportunity to bring smiles to the faces of those who mean so much to us is never more important than now.

Our company offers an array of gifts, all of which can be personalised or engraved via laser or diamond cut engraving methods or embroidery. Our personalised gifts and engraved gifts allow you to personalise a gift by saying something from the heart, something which will mean something to the recipient or it can act as a reminder of how special they are. Receiving something which is engraved has quality written over it, whether it is a simple key chain or an embellished pocket watch, a single bottle of white wine or a magnum of champagne presented in an Elmwood box with a plaque, if it’s engraved it takes on greater meaning and has a more powerful message.

Now because it’s Black Friday, GiftsOnLine4u would like to offer you the opportunity to purchase personalised gifts and engraved gifts for your relatives and friends with ease and we would like to take the tension out of shopping by making things as easy as we can for you. If it’s on our website and you want it then we want to do our best to get it to you for Christmas, but it is Christmas so it’s very probable we are going to be busy as we draw closer to the day so use Black Friday to buy your personalised presents and gifts and if there is a special idea you have that you can’t see, then why not give us a call because we would be only too happy to help you? Please don’t forget to look out for our amazing deals and if you like, subscribe to our emails, where you will get up to date information on our offers as we put them out there.

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