Starting A New Job? Don’t forget to Celebrate


Starting a new job can be daunting. Not being familiar with your new position and not knowing your new colleagues are just two of the things that can cause anxiety. These nerves are only worsened when you have the isolated feeling of working from home. 

Without face-to-face contact to help ease your fears, we have to make use of our skills on our own. With lockdown restrictions hopefully easing, many of us might be rethinking our current roles, career, and what we’d like to do. So, we thought there was no better time than to talk about making the most of your skills, especially when starting a new job.

For those in school, choosing their desired career and on where their skills will be most effective, is difficult. With the intimidating world of employment ahead, you need to be prepared, and something that can help you achieve this is our inspirational notebook. Featuring an inspirational message, it is sure to help motivate every young person make the best decision.


There have been more people changing jobs during the pandemic than the previous year, with the Office of National Statistics stating that 6.1% of people employed between January and June 2020 changed occupation, increasing from 5.7% in the same time in 2019. This doesn’t seem much of a rise but of these; 52.5% changed major industry, meaning that there were many of us who had to prepare for a new, unfamiliar experience.

Whether or not this change in occupation was forced due to the impact of the pandemic, or if it was a personal choice, a fresh start can benefit everyone. A chance to show your skills to other employers should be celebrated, and why not do this by enjoying a bottle of personalised champagne? With an engraved message wishing a loved one luck in their new adventure, this gift will be a special memory of a new beginning in their career. For those who prefer different bubbles, our range of Prosecco gifts are ideal to create a positive atmosphere and make those feel good.

As more people return to their workplaces, you could find that using the same pen and scrappy notebook is not quite professional enough! To mark going back to the same employment or starting at a new place, we have everything that will help make you feel the part! Our range of personalised diaries are sure to make you stand out and feel positive about the working day. Not only do they look great and are unique to you, they will help keep you organised and stay one step ahead of anything that comes your way. If you’re struggling on pens, we also have you covered.

Rise and Shine 3

Whatever your skillset and whatever difficulties come your way, either from your current or new employment, always be positive and focus on what you can achieve. Whether you are creative or practical minded, confident or nervous, organised or messy, we have everything that can help you take the next step.


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