How To Wrap Christmas Gifts Like A Pro!

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The festive season is nearly here, meaning it is finally time to get the decorations out, get the chocolates in and start ticking things off of our Christmas shopping lists!

Finding the best Christmas gifts for our loved ones can take a lot of time, especially for those hard to buy for distant relatives, but it isn’t necessarily tracking down the perfect present that can be the trickiest task!

Once you’ve managed to fill your online basket and your deliveries have arrived with all the Christmas gifts you know your friends and family will love, the next step is to wrap them beautifully. 

Many of us dread the wrapping process and begin to regret buying a champagne gift bottle. All too often, we end up relying upon miles of tape to hold our rough ‘wrapping’ together, with origami like folds trying to cover up the sections where the paper has ripped, which can somewhat dampen the moment when we hand over our Christmas gifts.

But not all hope is lost, GiftsOnline4U has got you covered! 

Whether you’re known for your neat gifts and are considered the wrapping champion amongst your loved ones, or you’re a bit embarrassed when you hand over your haphazardly ‘wrapped’ gift, there are always new tricks to learn to get your gift looking professionally wrapped in just a few steps.

Follow these quick and easy step by step videos and you’ll soon be a wrapping pro ready to face last-minute gift giving easily with the knowledge that your gifts will look beautiful in minutes. 

What you’ll need:

  • A pair of scissors
  • Tape (don’t forget the tape dispenser)
  • Your favourite wrapping paper 
  • Cardboard
  • Gift tags and other decorations
  • A large flat surface to work on

And don’t forget some Christmas songs, a festive snack, as well as lots of patience!

How to wrap bottle Christmas gifts!

Wrapping the personalised wine bottle for your partner, or a beautiful bottle of champagne for your sibling can often seem like an impossible task, but we promise, it is a simple process when you follow this easy step by step video.

  1. Ensure your wrapping paper fits neatly around the bottle, and then fold the edges to make neat seams.
  2. Tape the wrapping paper along the bottle to make a long tube.
  3. Insert a cardboard circle at the bottom of the bottle.
  4. Slowly and carefully, fold the paper in pleats into the middle of the cardboard and tape down.
  5. At the top of the bottle, fold the paper along the sides and fold neatly at the top.

How to wrap round Christmas gifts!

Sometimes we stumble across the perfect gift for someone but it’s not a nice and simple rectangle, and instead is an awkwardly round present! But with this quick and easy video, you no longer have to turn down those delicious chocolate truffles in a tin you know your grandmother would love. 

  1. Ensure your wrapping paper fits neatly around the Christmas gift, and then fold the edges to make neat seams.
  2. Tape the wrapping paper along the gift to make a long tube.
  3. Slowly and carefully, fold the paper in pleats into the middle of the gift on each end and then tape down.
  4. Pop a decoration on the top of the Christmas gift to cover up the tape.

How to wrap photo Christmas gifts!

Sometimes, sentimental Christmas gifts are the gifts our loved ones will treasure the most! But when looking for the perfect personalised picture frame, there are so many shapes and sizes and the last thing you need to be worrying about is how to wrap it. 

Follow this simple tutorial, and within a few minutes you’ll have a beautifully wrapped personalised photo frame ready for the special day!

  1. Make sure there’s enough wrapping paper to cover the gift and fold the edges to make neat seams. 
  2. Tape the paper down along the length of the Christmas gift and secure in place.
  3. Fold the paper neatly so that it is the width of the gift, and then tape down.

(This technique also works for box shaped Christmas gifts!)

How to wrap oddly shaped Christmas gifts!

There are some gifts that even a master at origami wouldn’t be able to wrap neatly. This wrapping technique is quite a few more steps but if you’re looking to save a few pennies this festive season, or perhaps trying to cut down on how much paper you use, this tutorial is one for you.


  1. Cut a large piece of wrapping paper into a square.
  2. Fold the edges to make neat seams.
  3. Bring in the paper lengthways and tape together.
  4. At one end of the square, fold the wrapping paper upwards, push outwards and fold down the paper into a diamond shape. 
  5. Tape to secure.
  6. Fold each end of the diamond halfway into the shape and then tape into position.
  7. Use extra tape to make the paper secure if it’s necessary.
  8. Then, at the other end of the paper, put your gift into the gap and fold out the folds at the bottom. 
  9. Fold the edges of the paper at the top of the gift bag and tape down.
  10. Place a decoration on the side of the bag.

Now you’ve got the wrapping mastered, you can focus more on decoration! Ribbon, string, gift tags and decorations can bring your expertly wrapped Christmas gifts up another level. 

Why not curl some ribbon by putting one edge of the ribbon on top of the scissors and pull, to attach to the top of your present. Or perhaps tie string around each side of the gift and tie in a neat bow on top for a more rustic look. 

If you’re in a rush, but you want to add some more pizazz to your Christmas gifts, you can find premade decorations and gift tags to attach quickly and easily.

With all these tips, tricks and techniques for wrapping your personalised Christmas gifts, wine and champagne gifts and those awkwardly shaped gifts, you’re sure to be the talk of the party on Christmas day and you can be sure people will be coming to you for help wrapping their gifts next year!

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