Bridesmaid Gifts – Personalised Gift Ideas to Thank Bridesmaid


A Bridesmaid has a really important function in any wedding. She is there as a personal assistant to the bride, helping her make decisions, keeping her calm, organising baby showers, helping the bride say ‘yes’ to the right dress, making sure the brides hen party goes off with a memorable and celebratory bang and that the bride gets to the church on time on the actual wedding day.

There is a great deal of responsibility involved in being a bridesmaid. It could involve hours of organisation as an event planner, as a chauffeur, as the go between for the flowers, for the decorations, wedding themes, menu planning, cake tasting and if you are the head bridesmaid its persuading all the other bridesmaids that the brides choice for the bridesmaids dresses is not a disaster and it will all look beautiful on the day. Just thinking about all those things makes you wonder why anyone would want that particular job. It’s hard to imagine anyone who would say no to this job, because it’s a real honour to be asked.

Once the wedding is done and you as the bride are sitting next to the groom on your wedding day, listening to the speeches the thought has to cross your mind, that you couldn’t have done it all without the help of your bridesmaids. For all the effort, time and agonies a bridesmaid will have gone through on your behalf you will want to give thank you gifts to show how valued their contribution was to your big day. Without Bridesmaids gifts how can your bridesmaid possibly know what having them along for your ride will have meant to you?

Whether you have one or multiple bridesmaids, whether you have a maid of honour or junior bridesmaids, thankyou gifts can speak mountains about how much having them by your side for your all-important day has meant to you.

Giving Bridesmaids Gifts might be the only chance you will have to say thank you in a way that will make your bridesmaids feel really special. At we have a number of options for you to choose from and the majority of these options also have the facility to add a personalised message. From your heart you can say thank you for being available. You can give thankyou gifts which will last as a memory for a lifetime. You could be old and grey together with great grandchildren running around your feet, remembering that day because you have the gift to remind you. Choose bridesmaids gifts that can stand the test of time.

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